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Beyond Transparency in Coverage - Embrace plan sponsors with strategic analytics

What makes you trust someone?

Maybe they act upon facts and share these openly with you?
Even when it’s not great news?

While everyone works to meet Transparency in Coverage regulations, we see the chance for you to leap ahead. Anticipate where the market is going and offer more than traditional plan sponsor reporting.

With major industry changes, new care options, and changes in care needs, people have lots of new questions. Be the health plan that easily gives plan sponsors answers, even to hard questions.

Increase plan sponsor trust with an analytic strategy that delivers better plan transparency, too.

You’ll deepen relationships, earn loyalty, and retain your customers.

Powerful plan sponsor analytics. Go beyond reporting.

Give your plan sponsors controlled transparency with HDMS Enlight™. State of the art, self-service analytics let your account teams focus on using data for plan performance improvements, instead of chasing down reports or numbers internally.

Take a peek. Imagine your plan sponsors with access to data and analytics you choose to make available. See your Account teams working side by side with them, helping them to optimize and get the most out of your thoughtfully designed plans and networks.