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DART Provides Perspective

There are many different components to healthcare, and many different systems providing numerous data points. These require integration, organization, and context to be meaningful and actionable. To improve outcomes you must measure, compare, and change. With the upcoming release of DART 10.3, users in both Classic and Presentation view now have more options, and more functionality, to get even more out of their healthcare data.

Increase Your Healthcare IQ.

Employer health plans generate mountains of valuable data on enrollment, utilization, provider performance, claims, and more. But it's all in separate databases. Managers ask: "How can I get at this data to help me make more informed, smarter business decisions faster?" HDMS has the answers, and the solutions.

DART 10.3 Has Been Released!

DART 10.3 was released on March 7, 2016. DART 10.3 features include simplified and streamlined Dashboard creation/ modification and new Design Mode ribbon commands to allow for quick design changes. Contact your HDMS Account Manager for more information about leveraging the power of DART 10.3.
HDMS℠ empowers health benefit managers to get the answers they need to make better decisions in today’s complex and costly health care environment. Read More >
Health Plans
Advanced technology and a highly customizable approach allows HDMS℠’ health plan partners implement and maintain state-of-the-art account reporting solutions for their employer clients. Read More >
HDMS℠ offers solutions that are uniquely designed for use by healthcare providers and provider health systems to build the analytical foundation for a sustainable care organization that works toward achieving the Triple Aim of healthcare. Read More >
DART℠ is what benefit consultants have been looking for. Comprehensive, timely, and easily accessible employer health data that provides the strongest possible foundation for strategic direction, and to validate which healthcare decisions were made and why. Read More >

Health Data & Management Solutions, Inc.

HDMS℠ has been at the forefront of developing and deploying web-based, analytical healthcare reporting tools since its inception. HDMS was one of the first companies to offer sophisticated health data products via the software as a service (SaaS) model, and has been innovating health data analytics and reporting ever since. HDMS℠ prides itself on offering health data products that are agile, easily deployable, scalable, and customized to a particular organization’s specific needs.