Employee benefits data analytics

Reduce rising healthcare costs & improve the health of your workforce

HDMS has a long history of partnering with employers of all sizes. As hands-on advisers, our team and technology can help you manage healthcare costs and engage employees to make positive health decisions.

By integrating all types of employee benefits data — from traditional sources (such as medical, eligibility and pharmacy) and non-traditional sources (such as wellness programs, disease or care management programs, biometrics, wearables, provider and lab data) — we give employers the power to create a benefits program specifically targeted to their employees. Armed with member- and provider-level data — plus data visualizations, cohort analysis and other tools — you can evaluate outcomes and adjust health programs for optimal results.

Our expertise in employee benefits data analytics lets us dive deep to uncover new insights and decision-making support. With HDMS as a strategic guide, you can build benefit plans that:

  • Reduce costs
  • Satisfy employees
  • Enhance productivity & overall employee health
  • Give you a competitive business advantage
When your employees make positive and less costly health decisions, everybody wins.

Employee Engagement Data Analytics

Employee engagement is the first step to controlling costs. When your employees make positive and less costly health decisions, everybody wins.

  • Confidently lead your employees to health, happiness & productivity
  • Cost-effectively achieve enterprise goals & objectives

How Lowe’s is better managing employee health programs

Retail giant Lowe’s decided to shift the focus of its health benefits from treatment to wellness and prevention. It wanted to create employee-oriented, proactive health programs that would emphasize and incentivize more cost-effective and healthy lifestyle choices. Partnering with HDMS to gain deeper visibility into its employee population through data analytics integration, Lowe’s successfully:

  • Collected data in a safe & secure way
  • Analyzed biometric, medical & pharmacy data
  • Compared Lowe’s employees to national health benchmarks
  • Uncovered employee health trends
  • Communicated & incentivized cost-effective health choices
Partnering with HDMS, Lowe's successfully communicated and incentivized cost-effective health choices.

HDMS helps employers:

  • Visualize cost drivers and trends, including pharmacy utilization
  • Identify and address high-cost employees & providers
  • Analyze network leakage & performance
  • Detect risks both prospectively & retrospectively
  • Benchmark performance