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Our enriched data, flexible technology and integrated service model help you do more with health data.

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  • Drive deliberate and decisive actions
  • Help people on their path to better health


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Clients start with us because our technology quickly delivers connected health answers. Who doesn't want enhanced data, integrated from multiple sources?

Clients stay with us because they are better at their job when we deal with data for them. They spend more time using data.

What are you up for today? Leverage our expertise with health data - together we'll deliver sustained additional value, anticipate possibilities, and open new opportunities to excel and challenge status quo.

Everything you need.

Fast flexible analytics, for right now.

  • Self-funded employers with multiple healthcare carriers need insights for confident decisions
  • Innovative health plans looking to grow quickly want to mold analytic views to reflect their unique offerings
  • Provider networks transitioning to a value-based care model must answer unique questions
  • Perceptive brokers or consultants earn trust by offering excellent data-driven advisory services to clients

Things you didn’t know you’d want.

Insights that accelerate your vision

  • Progressive employers constantly re-imagine benefits design to engage and encourage a healthier workforce
  • High performance provider networks drive competitive differentiation and cutting-edge care
  • Well-managed health plans continuously evolve their solutions
  • Fast-growing advisory firms know their customers better than anyone else

Technology solutions

Read about the technical components of our health data & analytics solutions

Simple, visual, intuitive, accessible - yet powerful. Yes, of course. It's no longer novel, it's expected. Ask for a demo and we'll gladly take you on a tour.

High-value robust analytic content, out-of-the-box is our happy place. We could stay and play here all day. But why stop at sophisticated analytics at your fingertips? Why not have robust benchmarks and additional context to help interpret what the numbers really mean? Why not configure your own new metrics, on the fly? Why not allow users to create their own special views for easy answers?

The ease and flexibility of our solution makes it easy to grow and evolve as our customers' businesses change. This adaptive evolution concept is a key design principle of our technology. It allows us to quickly respond to business needs, and more excitingly, remain relevant in a rapidly changing technology innovation era. After all, who doesn't want presentation-ready report packages right next to root cause, total cost of care and "what if" analyses? Where do you want to apply artificial intelligence and smart text? What would you look at with predictive capabilities? Imagine where that information can take you.

Eventually, any data source can be integrated into an analytic environment. How long that takes, how painful it becomes, and how many problems irritate you along the way is the difference. Our core data ingest process anticipates unique data feeds and simplifies implementations. And it is a good thing, too, since our last inventory revealed more than 1,560 data formats from 324 different data suppliers. We regularly work with both claims and non-claims health data - from medical and pharmacy to eligibility, wellness programs, biometrics, and lab results. What else are you thinking about? Let's talk about how we would get you there.

What is not often highlighted is how often subtle data source changes interfere with analytic solutions. This is where our people quietly save the day. We can work directly with source system owners to erase all these inconveniences from your list of headaches, so you remain focused on your priorities.

Going fast, taking risks and experiencing exhilarating moments are a lot more rewarding when no one has security vulnerabilities, data breaches, unauthorized data access concerns, or legal issues on their hands. That's why we take no shortcuts in this region. Our security, privacy and compliance standards exceed what is required and are the best in the industry.

Read more here and then send your CISO our way - we love to talk shop about this part of our technology solution.

Trust is hard to build when you're wrong. Good or bad, after 20+ years of processing health-related data sources, we've learned a thing or two about data quality. To us, quality is more than processing based upon the expectations of a source system or transaction. We also assess data quality in the context of the integrated data fabric we uniquely create.

We have a three-tier methodology surrounding our approach to data quality.

  • Our data quality operations proactively identify issues and automatically fix what we can.
  • Our reconciliations and automated checkpoints perform cross-checks to surface discrepancies. We elevate chronic issues and address root causes in partnership with system and process owners using the Agile methodology.
  • Our governance model ensures transparency for analysts. We formalize and publish known issues, so full context is available when interpreting results.


Solutions include integrated services to compliment the entire connected health data process

We work with you to define initial and subsequent phases to ensure a timely, high-value implementation with early value-delivered milestones. We offer standard blueprints and work through your specific goals and data sources to tailor the traditional approaches to best meet your needs.

Depending on the resources available through your own IT team and system administrators, we scale a wide spectrum of options that consider contracts to address the ongoing administration of users, new analytic requirements and system administration. Administration and operations of the cloud environment are included in the base maintenance service for all options.

You set the pace of analysis based on the resources and expertise available within your organization and trusted partners. Our team consists of experts and enthusiasts who are always ready to help you get the most out of your data. Our customer experience team meets with you regularly and can introduce you to ideas or options, including everything from identifying ideal pilot candidates, developing ROI and VOI for new health vendors, comparing carrier performance, monitoring KPIs, and isolating outliers for interventions.

Just when everything is running smoothly, someone in your organization takes on a new role, a new initiative reprioritizes work, or maybe things have never been adequately staffed. Let us know and we can help fill in the gaps until you reach smoother waters. Our goal is to help you with all the loose ends so you can focus on using data to drive your priorities and objectives forward. We're here with band aids, icepacks and anything else you need. It's going to be ok.