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Predictive Analytics: Harnessing the Power of Data

Predictive models are an amazingly powerful use of data. They can inform benefit design and help deliver personalized, meaningful user experiences.

In this presentation, attendees will gain insight into predictive analytics and learn how to leverage health data sets, such as clinical, wellbeing, and social determinants of health information to transform their employee’s health journey, identify cost savings opportunities, and assess year-over-year population-based outcomes.

In addition, the speakers will examine the use of these advanced approach analytics to navigate vaccine prioritization, deferred care risks and virtual care adoption. Although trend disruptions of 2020 have forced many to tune and adapt their current models, there are many opportunities to use existing data to create leading indicators employers can use now to set the stage for long-term change and growth with short-term benefits along the way.


Health data - Architected for the future

Keith Wilton, head of product, reflects on the Enlight Architecture

Health “Big Data” is a beast. It’s not as simple as other Big Data. What’s important to think about regarding the architecture of a health “Big Data” platform?  What’s so special Enlight?  Keith Wilton, head of Product at HDMS shares some inside views.  Listen in…


Use Alerts for no surprises - Data's got your back.

Create Alerts. You’ll get emails when hot or emerging issues need your attention!

There’s so much data and so many metrics these days.  Maybe you don’t have time to check in and investigate results everyday.  Create Alerts in Enlight.  Let data tell you when you need to dig in.  Do more with data. Use Enlight’s proactive insights to make more time in your day.


Export data with ease in Enlight

Export data anytime you need it!

Health data is complex, but once unlocked, gives us access to deep insights. Share what you see with others at your organization and break through barriers that slow down your transformation.  Do more with data. Use Enlight’s analytic insights to help define a better path to health for your population.


KPI Dashboards and easy data access to connected health insights

Health answers and insights in a flash!

Health data is complex, but once unlocked, gives us access to deep insights. See an example of the KPI dashboards you can use or configure for your customers or plan sponsors. Do more with data. Use Enlight’s analytic insights to help define a better path to health for your population.


See an example of doing more with data: What can data tell us about mental health? What can we do better?

Take a look at how the same data can be used, in different ways, to understand the quickly changing needs around mental health care services. Look at trends, leading indicators, predictions and prescriptive actions. Do more with data.


Who is HDMS?

Check out HDMS, who we are and how we help organizations across the continuum of care with their toughest data management challenges.


Enlight for non-technical users

Analytics for everyone – you don’t need to be technical to get answers and insights with Enlight

Watch this 5-minute glimpse to see how non-technical users get answers and powerful analytic insights in Enlight. You don’t need to be technical to find and use data from this secure ‘connected health’ data platform.


What every Executive should know about predictive analytics

This 20 minute tutorial is great for HR executives and Health Plan product managers who want to have more informed discussions about how and where predictive analytics can complement efforts at their organization.


Analytics driving change in Maine

Watch how a purchasing alliance of over 50 public and private employers used analytics to develop and support several new corporate strategies.