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How to measure your wellness program’s ROI

Published in BenefitsPro
Authored by Rani Aravamudhan, Senior Clinical Consultant, HDMS

While many employers are willing to invest in wellness programs, they aren’t always clear on the goals for these benefits.

Rather than jumping on the wellness bandwagon or adding a program just to expand the suite of benefits, employers would be better served to evaluate and make decisions based on data.

Read how HDMS recommends employers approach this.

Case Studies

Employees for life? Leadership drives health with dashboards.

What does long-term mean to your member health?

Do employees stay with you for years?

Read how this company lowers costs and improves health across a lifetime.



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We’re lifetime partners, aren’t we?

Case Studies

Analyzing the Effectiveness of Third-Party Diabetic Management Solutions

Read how HDMS helped a Client determine whether they should renew their contract with their Diabetes Management point solution.

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