Value-added modules

Transforming information into answers.

DART modules deliver greater analytic value

Our value-added modules offer guidance in how to seek out the most pertinent information with respect to key health information. Answers can be generated for a huge range of business needs including key performance indicators (KPIs), financial management, network providers, utilization management, quality of care, pharmacy integration and clinical programs. Additional data sources, such as biometrics, lab values, EMR-derived metrics or others can be integrated into the DART data mart and integrated into analyses for a more comprehensive and integrated understanding of your business and your population.

HDMS puts enormous power of information at your fingertips. Our advanced technology integrates over 1,500 data formats from more than 300 data suppliers, accepting virtually any data format.

Plus, with our advanced visualization technology, you can quickly and easily produce presentation-ready reports with text, tables, charts and graphs on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis—reports which refresh automatically every time your database updates.

Executive Dashboards

Evaluate KPIs in executive reporting and visualizations

Financial Analysis

Cost and utilization management, including predictive modeling

Program Evaluation

Insight into your CM/DM/UM and wellness programs

Population Analytics

Risk stratified assessment of populations by clinical characteristics

Providers & Networks

Compare treatment performance against guidelines and peer groups


Apply HDMS national data, external targets and book of business

Quality Assessment

Evaluate quality and gaps in care at provider or population level

Account Reporting

Provide purchasers with the most actionable, high-value information