Do you know where your patients are?

Research shows that up to 65% of patient care goes out of network, costing providers more than $20B annually. When patients leave, providers lose opportunities to build patient loyalty, drive growth, improve patient outcomes and recover lost revenue. They also lose the data to better manage risk and support collaborative care.

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SmartNetworks provides a clear view of referral patterns through powerful visualization

To remain competitive in a value-based world, provider organizations require a comprehensive understanding of referral activities so as to pinpoint and respond to factors contributing to out-of-network utilization.

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Powerful visualization

SmartNetworks offers powerful visualization that allows provider organizations to clearly understand where patients are accessing their care, as well as why they may be going outside the network. This knowledge enables provider organizations to make specific business and operational decisions to keep more patients in-network, recapture revenue, and attract additional, profitable business.

Smartnetworks software platform

Smartnetworks software platform

With SmartNetworks, you can:

  • Evaluate leakage by revenue impact, provider, patient, practice and location
  • Quantify and track patient retention with web-based solutions
  • Educate providers to make more informed referral choices

  • Determine the service line and geography gaps in your network
  • Identify where and how often patients go for out-of-network care
  • Drive physician awareness and engagement strategies with reporting tools

  • Evaluate provider groups prior to integration
  • Strategically expand your network to recapture out- of-network services
  • Identify the right markets and providers to build clinically connected communities

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SmartNetworks allows providers to better understand referral patterns through powerful visualization.

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Do you know where your patients are?

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