About HDMS

Setting the standard for health care analytics.

The HDMS difference

Long before electronic health records, accountable care, or performance-based healthcare were popular topics of conversation, HDMS was the trusted health data partner of some of the largest health plans and companies in the country. Founded more than 2 decades ago, HDMS has been a leader in providing health data and reporting tools ever since. Over time, HDMS has added to its roster of impressive data solutions while continuing to improve its core offering – DARTSM – one of the most trusted and powerful health data analysis and reporting tools available.

Over the years, HDMS has evolved with the changing needs and trends within healthcare industry becoming a more nimble and agile data partner for its clients. HDMS continues to innovate how health data is analyzed, displayed, and reported so that health plans, employers, and providers can gain the most comprehensive insight into their population’s overall health.

Without HDMS, an organization’s health data – be it a health plan, an employer or a provider health system – is disparate, siloed, difficult to access and nearly impossible to utilize. Thousands of dollars are lost every year because critical data is not being disseminated and shared across an enterprise.

HDMS takes health data and aggregates, transforms, and loads it into a dedicated database for easy online access and querying. All of an organization’s data becomes accessible and deployable – shedding light on an organization’s health costs, utilization and areas for improved care. Be it utilization, financial, clinical or benchmarking data, HDMS offers health companies what health consumers expect: the best data leading to the best decisions.

Taking health data even further, HDMS also provides powerful management solutions – reporting and analysis tools, and consulting services – to help managers learn from plan history, understand present costs drivers and utilization, and anticipate and effectively manage future developments.