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Understanding the opioid epidemic: Drilling down into your data to make sense of it all

The opioid epidemic in the U.S is not just a hot headline, it is a real problem effecting stakeholders across the healthcare spectrum – from patients and employers, to providers and health plans. Trend data is flying around at a rapid pace and it is hard to know where to focus during this time of data overload and the 24-hour news cycle.Drill down into your data

Some of the facts don’t even seem to line up at times, so how should employer groups, providers and health plans move forward with solutions if they can’t pinpoint where the trouble lies? For instance, national data indicates that total opioid drug prescriptions per 1,000 are declining; however, the rate of mortality due to opioid abuse is increasing. What does this all mean?

By leveraging the HDMS platform, employers, providers and health plans can drill down into their data to find the real people who need help so real changes can be implemented. HDMS looks “under the hood,” so to speak, to help identify the risk factors that can lead to opioid addiction - for instance, the type of opioids prescribed, combination of opioids prescribed, geographies, or demographics to get to the heart of the problem among members and employees.

For example, extended release (ER/XR) opioids are 2.5 times more likely to cause overdose in users than the standard version of same opioid drug. Yet ER/XR opioid prescriptions are an increasing portion of all opioid prescriptions, according to HDMS data.

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