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As an employer, you’re always looking for new ways to manage rising health care costs. But you also need to consider new, creative approaches for keeping your employees engaged and motivated about making positive health care and lifestyle choices.

Employers need sophisticated analytic tools that reveal specific services and providers contributing to high costs, while closely monitoring the return on investment (ROI) of the groups’ wellness and disease management programs.

HDMS analytics solutions help you turn data into intelligence for better health and financial outcomes.


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Attract and retain employees by leveraging benefits that reinforce your company values and culture.

  • Evaluate and influence your employees’ healthcare and wellness behavior
  • Deliver personalized health and wellness information for a greater impact on behavior.
  • Track outcomes of programs and products
    • Population health programs results
    • Relative cost and utilization patterns of different health plan products

Changes could affect future health care costs.

  • Understand trend drivers, impacts of mandates, new benefit models
  • Monitor costs and utilization across various product types

Network affiliation can have huge implications for a patient’s quality of care and the hospital system’s bottom line.

  • Analyze network leakage patterns
  • Understand local disease cohorts
  • Evaluate the performance of local networks

Visualize cost drivers and trends, including health and productivity, pharmacy utilization, network leakage and more.

  • Identify and address high cost employees, providers, networks, products
  • Take action to achieve your organization’s specific goals and priorities
  • Develop and evaluate alternate contracting models

Integrate data across all benefit types: medical, pharmacy, workers’ comp, care and disease management, wellness and more.

  • Create targeted programs to improve the health of employees and dependents.
  • Promote financial wellness
  • Evaluate impacts and outcomes of voluntary benefits
  • Assimilate multi-payer data sources and pull from clinical and claims-based sources
  • Model clinical episodes of care over time
  • Measure, monitor and manage quality of care
  • Understand and respond to both retrospective and prospective risks
  • Compare performance to benchmarks

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"By [HDMS] discovering a possible correlation between certain health indicators and frequency of log-ins to the member portal, we could create targeted messages about the weight loss programs Lowe’s offers, prevention strategies, healthy diet and exercise advice, and information about heart disease, diabetes and other diseases customized to address those specific health characteristics."