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White Papers

Specialty Drugs are Squeezing Payers, but Data-Driven Strategies Can Contain Costs

Read how to use your data for specialty drug cost management.

Approach Preventive Screening Effectiveness with Data

Read how to develop a data-centric approach to measuring the effectiveness of preventive screenings.

Using Data to Reduce Employees’ Risk for Metabolic Syndrome

Learn how to use data to reduce employees' risk for metabolic syndrome.

The Power of Prescriptive Analytics

Find out the "must haves" for payer account reporting.

Proactive analytics: actionable insights that deliver results

Learn how a TPA used proactive analytics to reduce costs and improve outcomes for clients.

Case Studies

Measure the impact of preventative cancer screenings opens a pdf

Read how one state agency worked with HDMS to identify the cost and outcomes of the ACA-required preventative cancer screenings on their population.

Using advanced analytical capabilities to improve population health opens a pdf

Read how a rural hospital system, used HDMS's advanced analytics capabilities to improve the health of its population.

Leveraging data to better manage employee health opens a pdf

Discover how a large employer used analytics to target at-risk employees and improve outreach.

Increasing access of health management data opens a pdf

Learn how a health plan used analytics to improve reporting and efficiencies.

Improving skilled nursing facility outcomes opens a pdf

Find out how a provider used actionable data to reduce readmission rates.

Useful Documents

Validate Wellness Vendors With a Data-Driven Approach opens a pdf

The article explains how a data-driven approach can help employers evaluate whether or not their wellness programs and vendors will produce the desired result.

Infographic: Use Data to Design Effective Preventative Screening Programs opens a pdf

Employers and health plans lean on preventive screenings to drive down costs. Yet many do not use data to inform their programs or measure success.

Infographic: Path to Wellness opens a pdf

Follow this guide to learn how to use data to better understand your member population, identify their needs, and develop a wellness program to enact real change.

Analytics are key to wellness success. Here’s why. opens a pdf

Forward-thinking employers are not only looking at the effect of wellness programs on medical costs, but its influence on productivity, absenteeism, disability costs and other factors.

6 Ways to Reduce Employee Health Costs Through Data Analytics opens a pdf

Employers may discover strategies for reducing healthcare costs by analyzing data from sources such as biometrics screenings, disease management programs and payroll.

Infographic: Risk factors for opioid abuse opens a pdf

As health plans, employers and providers, you can help prevent opioid abuse. Arm yourself with the knowledge to identify those in need.

Advisory services opens a pdf

Explore how HDMS Advisory Services can help you maximize the power of advanced analytics.

NYU emergency room algorithm opens a pdf

Learn how NYU developed an algorithm to help stratify ER visits into preventable verses avoidable visits.

CMS readmission logic opens a pdf

Discover how the CMS readmission logic can help measure and assess the overall quality of care at a given inpatient facility.

Specialty pharmacy analytics opens a pdf

Learn more about the suite of specialty drug reports available through HDMS.

Transforming data into health care business intelligence opens a pdf

Explore how DARTSM turns raw data into powerful, meaningful and actionable information.