Reducing Employees’ Risk for Metabolic Syndrome

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The Power of Prescriptive Analytics

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Insights for gaining a competitive edge

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Overcoming Patient Leakage

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Using Advanced Analytical Capabilities to Improve Population Health

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Leveraging data to better manage employee health

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Increasing access of health management data

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Improving skilled nursing facility outcomes

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Infographic: Risk Factors for Opioid Abuse

As health plans, employers and providers, you can help prevent opioid abuse. Arm yourself with the knowledge to identify those in need.

Proactive analytics: actionable insights that deliver results

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Advisory services

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NYU emergency room algorithm

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CMS readmission logic

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How Lowe's uses advanced analytics to build successful COEs

Among large employers, 85% currently offer employees access to provider-based Centers of Excellence (COEs) to ensure appropriate, high-quality care that also better manages costs1.

Specialty pharmacy analytics

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Transforming data into health care business intelligence

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Do you know where your patients are?

4 Reasons to Stop Patient Leakage.


SmartNetworks allows providers to better understand referral patterns through powerful visualization.